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Fan of Nana Mizuki since 2010 Currently in Japan as uni student so I (hopefully) get more chances to see Nana <--Oi Will post some random stuff once in a while... :3

[Board Hunt] Smashing Anthems

I realised I never did one for Exterminate… I forgot, actually. oops.
Finally, BOARD HUNT! (Needed to get some pictures for a presentation so did boards hunting along the way XD #BoardsHuntWasTheTrueMotiveNotThePresentation)

Winter is coming so the sun set really early >; Lots of dark pictures but bear with me ><

Special thanks (again) to my roommate for accompanying me on my hunt (really, we were just alighting and boarding again at every station orz)


IMG_6984 (1280x960)

Small board in Yotsuya — Dunno where is the big one

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[random] Smashing Anthems promotions

I havent been out of Nakano for a while cos of school and getting myself a baito >;

But my roommate has gotten nice shots when she goes out \^^/

Thank you, my roommate~!


Somewhere in Shibuya. She did send me a zoomed in version without EXO but as a special thanks I shall up this version XD (cos she loves EXO)

Tower Records Shinjuku~

I will upload if I get more~

Post Live Adventure 14 SEIBU DOME withdrawal syndromes

This will technically not be a live report cos I can’t do reports….. I don’t remember most of the details…. And I can’t write……

But I’m having this post concert withdrawal syndrome so I will just randomly write some stuff~~
(Doesn’t stop me from making a needlessly long post w)

Anyhow, we went to Seibu Dome on a rented car and the route the GPS guided did not include expressways so it was an almost 2 hours drive along the narrow Japanese roads filled with traffic lights and we spent another ?? amount of time looking for a parking lot and whatnot in the mountain areas where the dome is and fwRSGDahrUITHsbthgAOJC we totally went to Live Adventure with much adventure even before live adventure and had a true adventure of our life okay what? o.O?

It’s supposed to be summer but it was rainy from the second half of August and even during goods presale the weather was shit but on Saturday, Nana’s Hare Onna power went maximum and THE SUN. THE HEAT. THE SUNNNNNN!




Concert started with a BANG (literally, with fireworks) and I immediately went high while Nana sings No Limit in a Jeep…
My mind went blank and just stared at Nana for the next 3 hours. >///<
Touch and go…….. CATCH THE SUNNNNNN!!


SGD1 to RM3 now

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As Expected, Nana is subarashiiiiii

^This should be the actual title of this post instead lmao
Which reminds me, I never did a live report of this w.


(Along with the release of the covers comes the update of the flash and profile pictures on Nana’s official site. But I’m not gonna post it here so do visit Nana’s site if you want to see it.)

Even though this is already posted in Facebook I figured I should post things more often so pardon the repeat “news”!
(Was in middle of writing a paper but I can’t anymore D; need a reason to procrastinate and yappari that cover design is subarashiiiiiiiiiii super kininaruuuuuuuuuuuu)

DVD Version –AKA the 凛々し one

BD Version –AKA the エロイ one

Note: the AKAs are just personal impressions. 😀

Back to my paper I guess. >.>

PS, Regardless of which one you eventually buy, which design do you prefer? DVD or BD?

Angel Blossom Board Hunt

Extremely late D;

Because its the start of a new semester and… >;
Can’t believe I dragged this for a month. Even Acoustic DVD/BD is coming out soon. Kings Super Live is also coming and the NEXT SINGLE IS ALREADY ANNOUNCED.

Anyways I’m finally here, typing this thing…have imported all photos into my computer BUT I realised I don’t exactly remember which is where ^^;

I’ll try. LOL.

This time round the boards are no longer in the same places as the previous 2 times so I didn’t get to find a lot >.>
Special thanks to Misteltein who came over to Japan and joining me on the hunt XD

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Flight/Eden Boards Hunt Part 2


This post is mainly to add on to the board hunt with pictures from the nice people who came over to watch Live Theatre. Because the boards are ❤
*Will there be a live report? hmm*
On to the boards~

Straight from the station near Saitama Super Arena itself,

Saitama Shintoshin Photo Credits Shu-san

Saitama Shintoshin Photo Credits Shu-san

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Flight/Eden Boards Hunt

Later than the previous time because I went back home for the new year and when I came back here I had too many things I have to do.

WELL HERE IT IS~ Starting the journey from Akihabara, FLAGS~
*There is a board somewhere in Akihabara Station but I don’t remember which platform and I was carrying a lot of stuff so SKIPPED!




Not forgetting Perolina-sama in the background~

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