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Nana Blog Translation (2014.10.13 – 2014.10.16)

(Hello, sorry for the MIA, it has been a busy 1 month.  Will try to catch up X.X)

もったいないから、ちょっとずつ…☆ 2014.10.16

Thanks for all the comments and compliments about the jerseys~~

From each and every word, (I) received the love from everyone, (I am) really happy.

Ahh~ (I want) faster sing infront of everyone~

About today’s photo…

I received this raw tuna ham from the staff of “Manten Aozora Restaurant” (A tv program).

I was super happy because ever since I appeared on the program few days ago, I have been thinking about it.
It can be eaten the way it is, place on salad, in sandwiches or in pasta…
As it can used as various things, it will be fun~!


網タイツだけどジャージっ!(笑)  2014.10.15

Finally, the released of 30th single- Kindan no resistance!

There will be a special nico live program for the release of Kindan no Resistance tonight~~

MC is Washizaki-san!

Continuing from the look back of the past 29 singles, there will be plenty of talk regarding the 3 songs from the new single.

But, that’s not all..

禁断のレジスタンス」のMUSIC CLIPフルサイズオンエアをかけて、1人レジスタンスにチャレンジっ!(笑)
There will be release of full size music clip and 1-man challenge of the resistances

Changed into Jersey… (The challenges include) aiming to exceed average grip strength and lung capacity, guessing the item in the box, challenge of the memory power, stop blinking, challenging the pulling of tablecloth, questionnaires etc…..

It is a game which on-air time can be earned with everyone’s help. In the end, the music clip will be aired 40sec short of full size.

そしてMUSIC CLIPオンエアスタート!
And so, MUSIC CLIP on-air start!

クライマックスで映像が切れてしまう… と思いきや、スタッフさんのうっかりでまさかの全編オンエアっ!(笑)
I was thinking, the video will be cut at the climax.. but because of careless staff, the music clip was aired full size!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Thanks for all the feedback, comments and mails!

As well as, those who sent their feedbacks to this blog and radio, thanks everyone!

I will be very happy if everyone likes the 3 songs included in this single. (TL note: in her exact phrase, she refers the 3 songs as the loved child of 3 people (I think this is what she meant))


思いの丈がぎっちり詰まった、アイディアノート☆ 2014.10.14

本日は、アコースティックライブ「LIVE THEATER」の大ミーティングがありましたっ(≧ω≦)b
There is meeting for Acoustic live [Live theatre] today.
All the songs from the first one, has to be re-arranged to acoustic version. All the staff from each section, including Cherry boys, participated this difficult meeting.

There will be new challenges and full of exciting element. (We are) aiming for a unique and fun stage that is different from the usual live and orchestral live.
Everyone, please look forward to it!

そして、いよいよっ!明日は「禁断のレジスタンス」が生まれますっ(≧ω≦)/ ニコ生さんで、発売記念特番もありますので、みなさんぜひぜひチェックしてくださいね☆☆☆=
And so, finally, tomorrow is the release of Kindan no resistance! As there will be a special nico live program, please check it out.


凍らせても美味しいらしいです♪ 2014.10.13

I received these souvenirs from the people of Matsuyama city during the recording of “mattsu to yanma to moburi-san 2”~

This is the first time I saw this. This confection of Matsuyama city, by the name of Tsurunoko, is red and white with the shape of egg. It is fuwafuwa like marshmallow.
As you bite, the egg yoke-like thick cream flows out, super delicious.
It melts immediately in the mouth and that fluffy/creamy taste is irresistible~~~


Nana Blog translation (2014.10.08 – 2014.10.12)

缶入りなのが可愛い☆ 2014.10.12

At taiwan, I got the throat lozenges which Sawashiro Miyuki-chan told me previously~

I had bought a lot because it was hard to find in Japan.

As the normal taste like almond jelly and the mandarin Orange/lemon flavour is light and refreshing, not just the throat, the whole body also feel refreshing.

As recently it has become cooler and gradually drier, (I will always) bring the lozenges along.



みんな美しくてカッコイイです!! 2014.10.11

今日と明日は、「THE LAST -NARUTO THE MOVIE-」のアフレコっ(≧ω≦)b
Today and tomorrow is the dubbing of “THE LAST-NARUTO THE MOVIE”.

Hinata will join in the fighting in the last movie, super happy~~
(I will) put in all my effort in the role, please look forward to the movie which will start on 6th December~



モブリさんが可愛くなってます(笑) 2014.10.10

Actually, I did the dubbing yesterday for “mattsu to yanma to moburi-san 2”, which was based on Matsuyama, Ehime.

Because I wasn’t expecting there will be a sequel, I was super happy!

The sequel was possible because of the great response from everyone! Moburi-san (voiced by Mizuki), is making a comeback.
From this month, it will be aired on the website, everyone please check it out!



ららちゃまと愉快なウサギ達☆ 2014.10.09

Today is the 1 month late surprise party for video director, Sato Rei-san.

I met sato-san 12 years ago. To celebrate this milestone, I booked a nice restaurant.

しかし、ただそれだけで終わるチーム水樹ではありません…(笑) ららちゃまが大好きなウサギさんになって、おもてなしをしようっ!と、全員ウサ耳を装着っ(≧ω≦)/
But not just team mizuki, Sato-san also become a bunny (she like rabbit) by wearing the rabbit ears costume. When that happen, everyone else also followed~

It was a fun time even thought the customers in the shop were laughing at us (not laughing out loud, just grin).

そして…☆ パーティのクライマックスでは、参加したメンバーそれぞれから、想いを込めた手紙の朗読を…☆メールをすることはあっても、手書きの手紙を贈ることって、最近少なくなりましたよねo(^-^)o
And so, the climax of the party was members reading out loud the letters that is written with feelings that we normally wouldn’t say. There are people who mailed, as well as people who handwritten, which is not common these days.
This special project, the letter full of love, has clearly revealed everyone personality.
Sato-san’s shy and cute look while listening has become a memorable image
今回もサプライズは大成功っ☆☆☆ ららちゃまにとって素敵な1年になりますように…☆
This surprise is a big success! I wish to have a great year ahead with sato-san.



まず、これだけですすりたい(笑) 2014.10.08

I missed the familiar danshi (Japanese soup stock) after returning from the trip.

I found a danshi that looks really good when shopping at my favorite shop.

A golden packet that is doubled the price of the one which I always bought.
And so, I bought it thinking it should be delicious. I can’t wait to try it.
It will be nice in a stew, but firstly, must start from miso~

Nana Blog translation (2014.10.05 – 2014.10.7)

(I guess i will put Nana orignal title in the body instead of the post title~)

LIVE FLIGHT+舞台裏☆ 2014.10.07

Continuing from last year, I received a splendid present from the oversea live support staff!

Actually, the whole thing is edible because it is made from candy~

From the airplane to the suitcase, the amount of details that was put in, I was being touched by it.

I am really happy because I could feel the staff’s effort and love.




角煮に会えず残念(>_<。)(笑) 2014.10.06

I was supposed to take the afternoon flight back to Japan, but because of the typhoon, the flight was delayed to night time.

And so, hurriedly, I visited National Palace Museum and Longshan temple~~

Previously, I wanted to see (the exhibitions). I was touched by the exhibitions. It is really different when looking at it directly.
(白菜の石や小さい舟 probably refer to the exhibition items)

The detailed sculptures and colors of longshan temple were very nice. After visiting the temple, I bought a cute charm that is of a shoe shape (back).

Even though it was a quick one, but I was happy to be able to do little sightseeing~!




LIVE FLIGHT+☆台湾2日目っ! 2014.10.05

ついに迎えた、LIVE FLIGHTシリーズファイナルっっ!!
Finally, the last series of LIVE FLIGHT has come!

It has been 4 months since the start of LIVE FLIGHT… Receiving “power” from the bonds at various places, as part of team mizuki, we gave it all we got.

The voltage reached the climax right from the opening!

I had enjoyed this performance that is filled with love and excitement~~!

Because it’s the final, which is why this nervousness. But at the time, there is a festive feel….

The outburst of unrestricted emotion, the strong passion but warm and gentle, it has been really a great time.

Continuing from yesterday, during the encore, everyone was wearing the bracelet that is emitting blue light and sing/dance with all their might’s… (I was) very very happy!

I was super happy to be able to complete this enjoyable performance together with Taiwan fan again!

To the people at the venue who cheered for me, the people who came from Japan and come to support this live, really really thank you!!

Receiving the energy from everyone, I will work hard to create even better performance and productions.

I will definitely come back to Taiwan one day! Until then, Mizuki Nana ni.. kakatte koi! (come again!)

LIVE FLIGHT+☆台湾初日っ!2014.10.14

Finally i am here – Tianmu Stadium!!

まさか台湾で、こんなに大きな会場で歌わせていただける日が来るなんて…リハーサルから大感動(>_<。) 1曲1曲噛み締めるように歌っていました☆
(I didnt think) the day which i will be able to sing in such a big venue in taiwan will come! Deeply touched right from rehearsal. Singing 1 song by 1 song with deep reflections.

And so, the main show! Max tension at the venue right from the first song!

My heart tremble with the energy that is even more intense than last year!

Nervous Mizuki speaking in mandarin, everyone kindly listen to it… very happy~

And so encore… (there was an) unexpected surprise.! Everyone was wearing a bracelet on their wrist that is emitting blue light.

At first, I thought it was penlight or lightstick, but on closer look, I was surprised by the glow on everyone wrist.

しかも、LIVE FLIGHT+のロゴが入ったスペシャル仕様だったんですっ!!みなさんの粋な計らいに物凄く感激っっ(T^T)
Moreover, there is a LIVE FLIGHT+ logo on it! I am deeply impressed by stylish design.

Really, it was a stage (not literally, referring to event as a whole) with filled with deep love.

To everyone who came, everyone who cheered (for me), really thank you!

いよいよ明日は、LIVE FLIGHTシリーズの千秋楽っ!最高の笑顔で締め括れるよう、めちゃくちゃ気合い入れていってきますっっ☆☆☆
Finally tomorrow is the last day of LIVE FLIGHT series. To end this with the best performance, (I will) fired up~!