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[Board Hunt] Smashing Anthems

I realised I never did one for Exterminate… I forgot, actually. oops.
Finally, BOARD HUNT! (Needed to get some pictures for a presentation so did boards hunting along the way XD #BoardsHuntWasTheTrueMotiveNotThePresentation)

Winter is coming so the sun set really early >; Lots of dark pictures but bear with me ><

Special thanks (again) to my roommate for accompanying me on my hunt (really, we were just alighting and boarding again at every station orz)


IMG_6984 (1280x960)

Small board in Yotsuya — Dunno where is the big one

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Angel Blossom Board Hunt

Extremely late D;

Because its the start of a new semester and… >;
Can’t believe I dragged this for a month. Even Acoustic DVD/BD is coming out soon. Kings Super Live is also coming and the NEXT SINGLE IS ALREADY ANNOUNCED.

Anyways I’m finally here, typing this thing…have imported all photos into my computer BUT I realised I don’t exactly remember which is where ^^;

I’ll try. LOL.

This time round the boards are no longer in the same places as the previous 2 times so I didn’t get to find a lot >.>
Special thanks to Misteltein who came over to Japan and joining me on the hunt XD

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Flight/Eden Boards Hunt Part 2


This post is mainly to add on to the board hunt with pictures from the nice people who came over to watch Live Theatre. Because the boards are ❤
*Will there be a live report? hmm*
On to the boards~

Straight from the station near Saitama Super Arena itself,

Saitama Shintoshin Photo Credits Shu-san

Saitama Shintoshin Photo Credits Shu-san

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Flight/Eden Boards Hunt

Later than the previous time because I went back home for the new year and when I came back here I had too many things I have to do.

WELL HERE IT IS~ Starting the journey from Akihabara, FLAGS~
*There is a board somewhere in Akihabara Station but I don’t remember which platform and I was carrying a lot of stuff so SKIPPED!




Not forgetting Perolina-sama in the background~

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Advertisement Boards Part 3

There really isn’t a need for another filler post but….
For sake of “completion” I shall post the boards I found today!


ICHIGAYA~! (Chuo-Sobu)

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Advertisement Boards Part 2

Time for filler post part 2~ Yay~~

I mentioned on the previous post that I’d try looking for those on Iidabashi (Chuo Sobu), Ichigaya (Chuo Sobu), Shinanomachi (Chuo Sobu), Yoyogi (Yamanote) and Shinjuku (Chuo)…


TADA~! When I reached Iidabashi, 2 boards were getting new ads (both for coffee) while the third one was in the middle of getting torn down… I thought that the third one would be for Kindan no Resistance so I stayed there for about 15 minutes before the picture above happened. XD

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Advertisement boards

Hey all~ Long time no see~

Well Flight+ report is still on its way so before that’s ready, I bring you this “filler” post~

So on Nana’s official site there is a news regarding where the boards for Kindan no Resistance would be displayed etc….


And me being in Japan and all….. I decided to go look for them. (Provided they are on the way. :x)

Today I attempted to look for the ones in Chuo Line Asagaya, Sobu Line Nishi-Ogikubo, and Chuo Line Mitaka….

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