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MAKING 下編 - 「永遠の5分」


Hi to everyone who is still reading this blog (oops) !
So I had this false illusion that I did the last chapter but in actuality it did not happen so here it is after 1 year! *runs*

B-b-but hey…it serves good as a 1-year-ago refresher but hopefully the content is not too diluted after one year.

This last making post will focus on what happened at the airport: arrival and departure.

waiting for her arrival...*ドキドキ*

waiting for her arrival…*ドキドキ*

As to why the title is “Eternal 5 minutes”, please read till the end.

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Post Live Adventure 14 SEIBU DOME withdrawal syndromes

This will technically not be a live report cos I can’t do reports….. I don’t remember most of the details…. And I can’t write……

But I’m having this post concert withdrawal syndrome so I will just randomly write some stuff~~
(Doesn’t stop me from making a needlessly long post w)

Anyhow, we went to Seibu Dome on a rented car and the route the GPS guided did not include expressways so it was an almost 2 hours drive along the narrow Japanese roads filled with traffic lights and we spent another ?? amount of time looking for a parking lot and whatnot in the mountain areas where the dome is and fwRSGDahrUITHsbthgAOJC we totally went to Live Adventure with much adventure even before live adventure and had a true adventure of our life okay what? o.O?

It’s supposed to be summer but it was rainy from the second half of August and even during goods presale the weather was shit but on Saturday, Nana’s Hare Onna power went maximum and THE SUN. THE HEAT. THE SUNNNNNN!




Concert started with a BANG (literally, with fireworks) and I immediately went high while Nana sings No Limit in a Jeep…
My mind went blank and just stared at Nana for the next 3 hours. >///<
Touch and go…….. CATCH THE SUNNNNNN!!


SGD1 to RM3 now

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The storybook was an extremely tiring and draining process but fulfilling…

We do not have a talent pool of artists so we have to stretch whatever we have on hand. _φ(。。)
We made everyone hate gek….

The process of making 「WITH YOU」is split into 4:

– Story
– Lyrics Selection

– Art Pieces
– Title



Note: Title of the song used can be found within the art piece. Have fun looking for it (。◝‿◜。)

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MAKING 上編 - 「旗」

After dragging for a month almost two months, I finally refreshed my memories with the other 2 so to get my butt started on this super long making journey…
It goes all the way back to June that’s why I’m so lazy…  ε=ε=ε=ε=┏(; ̄▽ ̄)┛

Part 1 will focus on mainly planning and flags. Not sure how many parts there will be, we’ll see how it goes.


  • Planning

  • Flags

Disclaimer: Some details may not be in order but you’ll get the gist.

where it'll happen...

where it’ll happen…

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First off, sorry for the massive lack of updates on this blog. we have been busy with alot of stuffs (//runs)

行ってきます!〜 超晴れ天気w reaching RWS theatre~

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Mizuki Nana Fans In Singapore BTS/Making

Slightly behind time but I’ll let the pictures do the talking.
I was so afraid when it was airing that i locked my account, removed my bio, removed my header and changed my dp to an egg.
After Singapore’s segment ended, I was more than relieved LOL

Once again,皆さん、 お疲れ様でした!m(_ _)m

DISCLAIMER: ALL photos NOT taken by me. CREDITS TO shkify and YZ (Nana@Airport) ! Thank you!!

MJ Presents 水樹奈々 in ASIA

MJ Presents 水樹奈々 in ASIA

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Encounter with Nana during AFA☆

This post will be my personal experience, and of course, other admins can edit and add in theirs as well.

Sorry, there will be minimal pictures in this LONG post since no photography and videography were allowed.

Disclaimer: ALL photos with nana are not mine.
(C)AFA 13/hajime kamiisaka/
Nanaparty blog
FB page (airport)
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Robert Foo (group photo)

It will be a long post so if you want to read, please go ahead ww



so glad that she got to take a picture with merlion and became naalion (*´艸`*)
She probably went on Sunday afternoon….

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