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Thoughts after watching Live Galaxy -Genesis-

It has been quite some time since I last watched a full concert properly, most were just clips and certain parts of the concert. After watching genesis, もう一度奈々さんへの愛を感じました。w The live reminded me why I like onana so much again, the energy, the smile, the power that she gives out to us, the fans. The whole of Team Mizuki and nana, giving their all into planning, making the concert happen. There are so many things that happened backstage that we don’t get to see, which I think is a shame, (sadly) Given onana’s hectic schedule, there is not a SINGLE.TIME. that she expresses that she is tired. NOT.AT.ALL. all you will see is how she wants to interact with us, the fans, sing, and while making sure that all of us enjoy the live. Its no longer merely a concert, but it is an experience that team mizuki and nana herself had given us, transporting us to her world, the nana galaxy.

For the concert itself, I really enjoyed it from the moment it started. The opening movie, the cute keitan, and how the story flows and linked throughout the whole concert. Landing in tokyo dome and starting with etabure. A great choice of song to start genesis with one of her major turning point in her career. そう、きっとここから始まる。(btw Live Adventure ended with etabure on the main setlist) Great songs like gaia and suddenly. The transition from suddenly to never let go was so good. I absolutely love the marching songs and team yoda marching with light saber. The whole LED stage rising, the stage lit by the red lights and white stage, it was so amazing, not letting the audience to catch their breathe and it continued with bring it on and exterminate. THE CHERIBO SEGMENT WAS SO FUNNY THIS TIME, I LAUGHED SO SO SO HARD. I love how unlike other artistes, the back band member may just be back band members, but for nana, cheribo are the star of the show as well. and heck, cho-san SANG SO WELL (apparently, cho san always wanted to sing, so the team decided to let him sing here or something??ww) Okay, I am not going to go through all the songs but u get my point (if anyone is still reading this post/blog LOL)

I can really feel the love from nana to her fans, and also how nana is surrounded by everyone who loves her. Like what nana said, she wants to quickly meet us again, so she will be thinking of more fun and interesting ideas in order to meet us quickly again. And lastly, お奈々と同じ時代に生きてて、本当に、本当によかった。



p.s. 魔女っ子<-ww奈々可愛すぎるよ


2017-04-27 (1)

after mishi-P laughed at nana for saying at she is majoKKO (young girl/child) wwww




Mizuki Nana. Finally. Performed. On. MUSIC STATION!!!



\banzai/ \banzai/ \banzai/ ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。
It has been very very very very very very very long since the last time I did a music performance appearance review w
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Rojak post – Quick updates

Sorry for the lack of updates, laziness and procrastination at their best. |ω・)ノ

It’ll be a super messy post comprising of the news and different TV appearances.
I will try to make it short so everything will be extremely brief~ (*´▽`*)

Summary at a glance:

  • Nana Clip 6 First day ranking! + Week LOL
  • Symphogear season 3 has been confirmed! (Nana for OP again? ww)
  • Inazuma Rock Festival
  • Animelo Summer Live 2013
  • FNS 2013
  • MTV I Love Idols!

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Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this project, mainly our RGG members!!!


Nana mentioned us on 2 radio programmes!!!!!
So if you have been following her radio programmes, you should have heard it.
But if you have not, FEAR NOT, LINKS ARE HERE (oi



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Encounter with Nana during AFA☆

This post will be my personal experience, and of course, other admins can edit and add in theirs as well.

Sorry, there will be minimal pictures in this LONG post since no photography and videography were allowed.

Disclaimer: ALL photos with nana are not mine.
(C)AFA 13/hajime kamiisaka/
Nanaparty blog
FB page (airport)
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Robert Foo (group photo)

It will be a long post so if you want to read, please go ahead ww



so glad that she got to take a picture with merlion and became naalion (*´艸`*)
She probably went on Sunday afternoon….

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So after 2 years, we have something similar to ~seven pieces~ (documentary of nana of sort)
This year, we will follow through Nana-chan’s summer events in about an hour. (`・ω・´)



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MJ Vitalization \o/

Vitalization’s first TV appearance – MUSIC JAPAN WITH PV COSTUMEEEEE

my thoughts:

that antenna is distracting afteralls
straight hair nana is ❤
ikemen is there!! (please ignore this point ww)

note: lazy bum is lazy to take her own screenshot so all photos are taken from here
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