Past Events

This page serves as a brief record of our past major events and milestones, and will be updated as time goes on. Latest event on top.

RGG 3rd Anniversary

3rd Anniversary gathering was put together in a hurry because of real life and mastermind being out of country.
However, we managed and celebrated with a screening, simple introductions of new members who joined after Flight+ and an after-screening dinner for those who stayed.

Live Flight+ @ Resort World Theatres + Project Flight+

The current biggest event.
Live report

Of course we have to do something to welcome her (and we did)
Details in 3-part reports:

上編 - 「旗」
中編 - 「WITH YOU」
下編 - 「永遠の5分」

RGG 2nd Anniversary + Major discussion gathering

No anniversary post was written (oops) but 2nd anniversary was celebrated with a screening at a lecture theatre in NP.
At the end, we came together to discuss “Project Flight+” in the theatre with no air conditioning (because we overstayed) and the traditional Mcdonalds.

Live Circus+ Live Viewing @ Shaw Lido

After live viewing was announced, Heichan came up with idea for photo compilations of the live viewing locations.
Collaboration project
According to Heichan, photobook was successfully passed to Nana.

AFA2013 with Nana Mizuki and NHK MJ

This event is currently our biggest, longest and most difficult event we had been through so far.
Coverage of the full event
Long story short, we made a message book for Nana and managed to pass it to her personally at the airport. We also participated in the making of MJ Presents Mizuki Nana in Asia. Special thanks to the people from NHK and Kyoko-san who first contacted us for this.

RGG 1st Anniversary

Not exactly correct but anniversary is set officially on 6th June.
Random anniversary blogpost
We celebrated by having a screening session at nEbO@AMK
Event summary

The birth of RGG

We opened the Facebook and blog for RGG~
Basically group/club was formed to know more Nana fans in Singapore.
The very weird first ever post to be posted here

Humble beginnings OFP–Where we came together for the first time

Overseas Fan Project – shortened into OFP, was a worldwide project organised by Danie and Heichan when Nana was to hold her first ever Tokyo Dome Live. Project includes gathering of fans in their respective countries and taking group photos to be compiled and given to Nana.
Resulting photo from Singapore
Photobook was said to have been successfully passed to Nana
Photoslide video of event by ZhenWei

After this event, many attendees remained in contact and would eventually form the first few members of RGG.


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