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Thoughts after watching Live Galaxy -Genesis-

It has been quite some time since I last watched a full concert properly, most were just clips and certain parts of the concert. After watching genesis, もう一度奈々さんへの愛を感じました。w The live reminded me why I like onana so much again, the energy, the smile, the power that she gives out to us, the fans. The whole of Team Mizuki and nana, giving their all into planning, making the concert happen. There are so many things that happened backstage that we don’t get to see, which I think is a shame, (sadly) Given onana’s hectic schedule, there is not a SINGLE.TIME. that she expresses that she is tired. NOT.AT.ALL. all you will see is how she wants to interact with us, the fans, sing, and while making sure that all of us enjoy the live. Its no longer merely a concert, but it is an experience that team mizuki and nana herself had given us, transporting us to her world, the nana galaxy.

For the concert itself, I really enjoyed it from the moment it started. The opening movie, the cute keitan, and how the story flows and linked throughout the whole concert. Landing in tokyo dome and starting with etabure. A great choice of song to start genesis with one of her major turning point in her career. そう、きっとここから始まる。(btw Live Adventure ended with etabure on the main setlist) Great songs like gaia and suddenly. The transition from suddenly to never let go was so good. I absolutely love the marching songs and team yoda marching with light saber. The whole LED stage rising, the stage lit by the red lights and white stage, it was so amazing, not letting the audience to catch their breathe and it continued with bring it on and exterminate. THE CHERIBO SEGMENT WAS SO FUNNY THIS TIME, I LAUGHED SO SO SO HARD. I love how unlike other artistes, the back band member may just be back band members, but for nana, cheribo are the star of the show as well. and heck, cho-san SANG SO WELL (apparently, cho san always wanted to sing, so the team decided to let him sing here or something??ww) Okay, I am not going to go through all the songs but u get my point (if anyone is still reading this post/blog LOL)

I can really feel the love from nana to her fans, and also how nana is surrounded by everyone who loves her. Like what nana said, she wants to quickly meet us again, so she will be thinking of more fun and interesting ideas in order to meet us quickly again. And lastly, お奈々と同じ時代に生きてて、本当に、本当によかった。



p.s. 魔女っ子<-ww奈々可愛すぎるよ


2017-04-27 (1)

after mishi-P laughed at nana for saying at she is majoKKO (young girl/child) wwww





make way for Anison no Jou!

with a red asymmetrical dress (i think it is strapless),  Nana sang Eternal Blaze for us (/^▽^)/
honestly, i was hoping for a 2nd Bright Stream perf, but perhaps it being Nana’s 1st FNS appearance,
it is a must for her to sing her all time hit song “Eternal Blaze”.
Not complaining though.


緊張します… …

it’s a red-black color combi which reminds me more of Junpara (Junketsu Paradox) instead… ^^;;
Nana started her song well with no mistakes, but perhaps it’s due to acoustic familiarization or
singing so many lives that it has affected her vocals slightly, we can hear glitches near the end.
Take care ne Nana-chan ;A;!!

“look! white win– i mean white snow!”

so here in Eternal Blaze we don’t have white wings, we have white snow xD
been looping too much Bright Stream *runs*

you better not switch channel!!

is it because it is a strapless dress….Nana does not seem to be flat here….//runs

sasuga ero-shishou :Q____

while i drool, you can clean up your puddle of blood.
it is also around here where you hear slight glitches with sustaining of high notes.
i blame the acoustics/earpieces. ‘3’ )

Rejoice! Queen of Anison has finished her song!

i suspect this lady is a fan of Nana too ww.

Next, at about 10.4opm JST, we have the NanaxMayu collaboration again~


it’s a 2 piece outfit this time if i’m not wrong..
i wish Nana sounded cuter in Discotheque…
she’s too strong in this song this time OTZ

get some energy into that dance!

Nana-chan is really very energetic in her dance while Mayuyu is fuwa fuwa fuwa-ing awayyy
but this song…is suppose to be fuwa ;A; !!
Nana put too much energy and strength OTZ…

i have a better body shape

still irritatingly finding TS ver. (found! /o/)
apparently my usual sites are not uploading TS version quickly this time round…(AND IT CONTAINS AN AKB MEMBER?!)
forgive me for my unrelated raging m(_ _)m

towards the end of the song, mayuyu made a mistake by singing ” ‘amai’ yume” in the normal lower key version.
Nana sang the last verse’s version (going up “amai yume”) and very skillfully change it back to normal version to suit mayuyu.
A Pro isn’t a Pro for show… d( ̄ー ̄)


i really like this SS  ( ´ー`)
nana really looks like she’s enjoying the matsuri…
considering it is a break from 20+ songs in her lives…

LETS PLAY A GAME XD (sorry for being random xD)

let see if you can spot the 152cm chisai Nana in 3 seconds!
are you readyyyyyy?!?!!? LETS GO!








can you seeeee her? XD

if you found her, good for you! XD

let’s move up a difficulty! =p

looooook closely and carefully!

found her in 3 sec? ww
she’s in a position hidden by all those tall members of EXILE…HAAHAHAH

PS: saw an interesting fact on twitter in (@sapphodil) TL.
Nana actually meant “female dwarf” in Italian XD
oh nana, so u are restricted by your name and stays stagnant at 152cm? ww