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Post Live Adventure 14 SEIBU DOME withdrawal syndromes

This will technically not be a live report cos I can’t do reports….. I don’t remember most of the details…. And I can’t write……

But I’m having this post concert withdrawal syndrome so I will just randomly write some stuff~~
(Doesn’t stop me from making a needlessly long post w)

Anyhow, we went to Seibu Dome on a rented car and the route the GPS guided did not include expressways so it was an almost 2 hours drive along the narrow Japanese roads filled with traffic lights and we spent another ?? amount of time looking for a parking lot and whatnot in the mountain areas where the dome is and fwRSGDahrUITHsbthgAOJC we totally went to Live Adventure with much adventure even before live adventure and had a true adventure of our life okay what? o.O?

It’s supposed to be summer but it was rainy from the second half of August and even during goods presale the weather was shit but on Saturday, Nana’s Hare Onna power went maximum and THE SUN. THE HEAT. THE SUNNNNNN!




Concert started with a BANG (literally, with fireworks) and I immediately went high while Nana sings No Limit in a Jeep…
My mind went blank and just stared at Nana for the next 3 hours. >///<
Touch and go…….. CATCH THE SUNNNNNN!!


SGD1 to RM3 now

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