Today is the official release date for SUPERNAL LIBERTY

So as the title says it all, SL TOPPED ORICON DAILY ALBUM CHART! 

\万歳/\万歳/\万歳/!!!☆*:.。.((( o(≧▽≦)o ))) .。.:*☆


SUPERNAL LIBERTY sold 35, 136 copies on the first day. There’s a slight decrease as compared to Rockbound Neighbors which sold 36, 779 copies on its first day.
Nevertheless, it’s a pretty good sales for Nana ^^
Hopefully SL will surpass RB’s first week sales of 96, 661 copies !

i guess SL’s position should be quite safe since it looks like there’s no strong competitors for this week

Another album to reach first in oricon weekly album chart since Ultimate Diamond? ww

On a side note, which song is your favourite out of the 15 songs in the album? ( ・ ▽ ・ )ノ


Preserved Roses Rankings

Rankings for 14th may. So I’m guessing for online orders etc? Not sure. (Lets check tomorrow)
With the combined power of both Takako-chan and Zukkiina~~~~!
(Not sure if it matters, but the one ranked below is the first press limited edition (CD+DVD) tried seeing if other version are lower ranked or anything but nope. It might not matter but I’m an Oricon noob. =/)

Ahh..... Zannen. Johnny's are powerful after all...
Ahh….. Zannen. Johnny’s are powerful after all…

#2…. Oh wells. Good job anyways~!

*Though I feel that splitting it into 3 editions is enough to dilute the sales for each editions. =/

Not much for me to say in this post. So…. (Short posts FTW~)
P.S. Expect more Preserved Roses love coming from us for a period of time. =D

Live Grace -Opus II- x Union Oricon Rankings

As the title says, rankings for -Opus II- x Union!

Taken from Oricon site:

Rank 1 in Blu Ray Rankings
Rank 1 in Blu Ray Rankings

DVD didn’t manage to rank #1, but still managed to get in top 3~!

Rank 3 in DVD Rankings
Rank 3 in DVD Rankings

Once again, congratulations for Nana!

Lets see how the rest of the week will do. XD


It’s 6th of June!

And what do we have here☆☆☆

A once in a lifetime (actually happened before in 2004 w) planetary spectacle and it falls on the 6/6!

(The next one won’t come before Year 2117)

It’s like the skies are putting up a performance just for her! xD

(ok… there are a few others like….ん… ….”Storm” group and “Time” group releasing singles on the same day.. ~.~) but that’s not my point =s

Oh and news just came in (while I was drafting this ww):

Oricon Daily Ranking (5th June 2012)

3rd placing with her personal best score of 18,038 sales on the first day!


ストームとタイムがなければなぁ orz (www

Ok, That’s it from me! これからもブログよろしくね♪♪

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NASA Venus Transit Observing Challenge

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