Nana day!

It’s 7th July again!

Here’s a little something we made to celebrate!

Enjoy! (And subscribe if you like it!)

Have a fun Nana day everyone. Eat curry, sing Nana songs, or maybe do real 7/7 stuff like writing your wishes on a paper strip and hang on bamboo or be happy that 2 celestial beings are gonna meet again when is Nana gonna marry!?


Nana-month renewal

The site has been dead a while (mainly because Facebook is more happening) (and I was away) (but I’m back now :D) so this July, we have come up with some plans to make things a little more lively!

To all who still come back to this page, thank you all so much! Also, for past few weeks, I keep receiving notifications that there are new followers (despite lack of updates). So, if you guys are real, welcome! If they are all spammy accounts…. well. I don’t know. (Do we have to move the site if we are plagued by spam accounts?)

Anyway,  our plans for the renewal have already (sort of) started, namely our Twitter and Youtube accounts. Do follow/subscribe! (Links can be found on our sidebar on the right —->)

Our Youtube channel, named Undercover, is a highly experimental project, where we add subtitles to Nana related stuff and maybe create some Nana related content to reach out to more people. Gotta spread the love ya. But as mentioned, it’s experimental, and we don’t know how it will end up but please support it anyway!

This concludes my pre-nana day update! See you tomorrow!

P.S. I’m thinking of changing the site theme but I really don’t know what I want to change into so, for now, the theme is staying. Is this theme still nice?

Thoughts after watching Live Galaxy -Genesis-

It has been quite some time since I last watched a full concert properly, most were just clips and certain parts of the concert. After watching genesis, もう一度奈々さんへの愛を感じました。w The live reminded me why I like onana so much again, the energy, the smile, the power that she gives out to us, the fans. The whole of Team Mizuki and nana, giving their all into planning, making the concert happen. There are so many things that happened backstage that we don’t get to see, which I think is a shame, (sadly) Given onana’s hectic schedule, there is not a SINGLE.TIME. that she expresses that she is tired. NOT.AT.ALL. all you will see is how she wants to interact with us, the fans, sing, and while making sure that all of us enjoy the live. Its no longer merely a concert, but it is an experience that team mizuki and nana herself had given us, transporting us to her world, the nana galaxy.

For the concert itself, I really enjoyed it from the moment it started. The opening movie, the cute keitan, and how the story flows and linked throughout the whole concert. Landing in tokyo dome and starting with etabure. A great choice of song to start genesis with one of her major turning point in her career. そう、きっとここから始まる。(btw Live Adventure ended with etabure on the main setlist) Great songs like gaia and suddenly. The transition from suddenly to never let go was so good. I absolutely love the marching songs and team yoda marching with light saber. The whole LED stage rising, the stage lit by the red lights and white stage, it was so amazing, not letting the audience to catch their breathe and it continued with bring it on and exterminate. THE CHERIBO SEGMENT WAS SO FUNNY THIS TIME, I LAUGHED SO SO SO HARD. I love how unlike other artistes, the back band member may just be back band members, but for nana, cheribo are the star of the show as well. and heck, cho-san SANG SO WELL (apparently, cho san always wanted to sing, so the team decided to let him sing here or something??ww) Okay, I am not going to go through all the songs but u get my point (if anyone is still reading this post/blog LOL)

I can really feel the love from nana to her fans, and also how nana is surrounded by everyone who loves her. Like what nana said, she wants to quickly meet us again, so she will be thinking of more fun and interesting ideas in order to meet us quickly again. And lastly, お奈々と同じ時代に生きてて、本当に、本当によかった。



p.s. 魔女っ子<-ww奈々可愛すぎるよ


2017-04-27 (1)

after mishi-P laughed at nana for saying at she is majoKKO (young girl/child) wwww


Rensou Hanabi translation

One of the hidden gem in this new single, STARTING NOW! It is released yesterday on 13 july! Have u gotten your copy yet?


p.s. i just realised you cant see the translation properly from this post, please click into the original post to view the full translation!!

音楽伝説: Ongaku Densetsu

And then I discovered this beauty in Nana’s new single- it’s now my favorite song. The lyrics are just so beautiful ok I’ll just let you go read them now

Song title: Rensou Hanabi (Fireworks of Love Thoughts)
Performed by: Mizuki Nana
Lyrics & Composition: Yoshida Takumi (phatmans after school)
Arrangement: Fujima Hitoshi (Elements Garden)
Single: STARTING NOW! (2016)

歌手:水樹 奈々
作詞&作曲:ヨシダタクミ(phatmans after school)
編曲:藤間 仁(Elements Garden)
Fireworks of Love Thoughts (translation)
Performed by: Mizuki Nana
Lyrics & Composition: Yoshida Takumi (phatmans after school)
Arrangement: Fujima Hitoshi (Elements Garden)
夕暮れ 君と待ち合わせた駅


夜空に繚乱の花火が キラリ キラリ



君の涙の欠片が ひらり ひらり


Someday, just like the memory of that day,
You will disappear, too
Within the resounding festival music
It smelled of summer’s end

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Hi, we are not dead ww

Sorry to those who had been visiting our sites for updates (and has been none since February).. Our facebook group is quite updated though! For those who wish to join could request and drop us a message~

Anyways, its 7/7 again!

What are your plans for today?

Eat curry? Watch a nana live?

Heres the video of the second OFP which xiaobear promised (It was posted during our group anniversary) (


And also, dont forget to listen to THAT song today~


Tokyo Dome II International Fans Projects – Singapore

It’s over!

It was definitely fun to get together to do something again. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’ll put up a post about it as soon as I finish the making video for it.


Our next public event!

Were you interested in our OFP in 2011?
Are you interested in meeting us?

Here’s your chance!

International fans have announced projects for the international community to participate!
For more information, please check out this site.

Singapore will be participating in both photo and video project and we are inviting Nana fans who are in Singapore on 20/21st Feb to join us.

Please RSVP asap here.

We will finalize details latest by this week too. Hope to see you there!

[Board Hunt] Smashing Anthems

I realised I never did one for Exterminate… I forgot, actually. oops.
Finally, BOARD HUNT! (Needed to get some pictures for a presentation so did boards hunting along the way XD #BoardsHuntWasTheTrueMotiveNotThePresentation)

Winter is coming so the sun set really early >; Lots of dark pictures but bear with me ><

Special thanks (again) to my roommate for accompanying me on my hunt (really, we were just alighting and boarding again at every station orz)


IMG_6984 (1280x960)

Small board in Yotsuya — Dunno where is the big one

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