Nana Blog translation (2014.10.05 – 2014.10.7)

(I guess i will put Nana orignal title in the body instead of the post title~)

LIVE FLIGHT+舞台裏☆ 2014.10.07

Continuing from last year, I received a splendid present from the oversea live support staff!

Actually, the whole thing is edible because it is made from candy~

From the airplane to the suitcase, the amount of details that was put in, I was being touched by it.

I am really happy because I could feel the staff’s effort and love.




角煮に会えず残念(>_<。)(笑) 2014.10.06

I was supposed to take the afternoon flight back to Japan, but because of the typhoon, the flight was delayed to night time.

And so, hurriedly, I visited National Palace Museum and Longshan temple~~

Previously, I wanted to see (the exhibitions). I was touched by the exhibitions. It is really different when looking at it directly.
(白菜の石や小さい舟 probably refer to the exhibition items)

The detailed sculptures and colors of longshan temple were very nice. After visiting the temple, I bought a cute charm that is of a shoe shape (back).

Even though it was a quick one, but I was happy to be able to do little sightseeing~!




LIVE FLIGHT+☆台湾2日目っ! 2014.10.05

ついに迎えた、LIVE FLIGHTシリーズファイナルっっ!!
Finally, the last series of LIVE FLIGHT has come!

It has been 4 months since the start of LIVE FLIGHT… Receiving “power” from the bonds at various places, as part of team mizuki, we gave it all we got.

The voltage reached the climax right from the opening!

I had enjoyed this performance that is filled with love and excitement~~!

Because it’s the final, which is why this nervousness. But at the time, there is a festive feel….

The outburst of unrestricted emotion, the strong passion but warm and gentle, it has been really a great time.

Continuing from yesterday, during the encore, everyone was wearing the bracelet that is emitting blue light and sing/dance with all their might’s… (I was) very very happy!

I was super happy to be able to complete this enjoyable performance together with Taiwan fan again!

To the people at the venue who cheered for me, the people who came from Japan and come to support this live, really really thank you!!

Receiving the energy from everyone, I will work hard to create even better performance and productions.

I will definitely come back to Taiwan one day! Until then, Mizuki Nana ni.. kakatte koi! (come again!)


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